Below you will find the rates in rules for our boarding clients.

Grooming Property Boarding For the love of dogs


Our safe, comfortable, clean grooming area has a walk-in bath ensuring the safety of your loved one.


A private dog park with almost 3 acres and 6 foot fencing. It is one of the reasons our clients keep coming back.


Our guests can go outside from there doggy doors to large covered spacious patios.


We do it all for them. What would life be without them!

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Vacinations Required

For the safety and good health, dogs must be inoculated for DA2PP, Rabies and bordetella (at least 14 days prior to boarding) and cats must be up to date on FVRCP, Rabies and Feline Leukemia.

***Important Note***
We do ask for proof of Vaccinations, so please bring your documentation with you.


We recommend you provide your own pets food, to avoid stomach upset.
If you forget Quiche does feed purina pro-plan for an extra charge.


Guests staying at Quiche Kennels Boarding and Grooming will receive the following:

- On site live-in caretakers.
- Climate control facilities.
- Individual sleeping areas and doggy doors.
- Outdoor patios for each guest.
- Lambskin bedding.
- Fresh water all the time.
- Daily health check and behavior assessment.
- Thorough daily cleaning and disinfection of facility.
- Several large play areas.
- Own private fenced in dog park (1.5 Acres of grass and trees).
- Lots of love!

Lodging Fees

All canine accomodations include a state of the art facility, which is climate controlled year round, and heated flooring. Canine guests receive housekeeping services twice daily, in addition to their health and wellness checks throughout the day.
Canine Guests can relax comfortably on their "Doggie Snooze Sofa's" with their custom blankets, listen to classic and tropical melodies from the music provided in each wing, or they can lay back and watch a canine related movie of the day, as provided in each wing.
Walk or playtime is included in the boarding rates.

5' x 7' room with a 5' x 16' outdoor patio
$32.00 daily for one guest. (+ HST) *
$42.00 daily for two guests in same Chalet. (+ HST) *

6' x 7' room with a 6' x 16' outdoor patio
$42.00 daily for one guest (+ HST) *
$50.00 daily for two guests in same Manor. (+ HST) *

8' x 7' room with a 8' x 16' outdoor patio
$50.00 daily for one guest (+ HST)
$60.00 daily for two guests in same Chateau. (+ HST)

Spacious room for cats with cat rooms.

$15.00 Cdn per day, plus *HST

We also board birds and other small animals.

Note: All guests are charged on day of arrival. You are not charged for pick up date, provided you pick up before 12 noon on that day. After 12 noon, you will be charged for another day's stay. The current HST rate is 13%.

Monday thru Friday - 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
Saturdays - 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Sundays - 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

During Peak Season and Holidays (Summer, Labour Day, Christmas, New Years, March Break, Etc.)

There is an addtional $2.00 rate for all boarding charges.

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